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Keyboard's Registration

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like clear and No. Title of putting the order there


All the registers are coupled to the registration-pedal

but you can also simply operate with your hand keyboard


Hoy All


My name is Elly

in the music world known as apartment

and in the PSP world known as Elly / Daysan


For many years I play all the Elec Organ, and Keyboard

I've always done with passion


You have to make trouble with registrations on your keyboard
or just want to buy ready-made registration programs.
then the solution here

I have made ‚Äč‚Äčregistrations can also be used for the Tyros 3 for T4 Unfortunately not for Tyros 1 and 2

The registrations are also suitable for the Tyros 5

Want to see what records I've done, then you can just take a look here at my site,

these are updated regularly


there I over the years, I am very engrossed in the technical section of the keyboard

among other things, make registrations

And I for years among the musicians recreate

I share these records with pleasure among our musicians, they like to use

each keyboard any type but also simple or professionally

one can make a registration on beautiful


I was not there for any Keyboard can make a record, because I do not have any type keyboards at home

I keep myself confined in the Tyros 3


I spend a lot of time and attention in order to obtain registration as a beautiful end result

this, of course, takes a lot of time

Now I give everyone the opportunity to make use of these registrations

Obviously, for a small fee



If you ordered a registration here on my site then you acquire